Treat yourself
A step towards your wellbeeing
A moment to let go
to circulate your energies, stimulate and drain your body,
to eliminate toxins.
Calming, relaxing, destressing,
renewing and connecting to your inner self, to engage and relax your muslcles into new movements

Personnalised massage

A massage specifically created to suit your needs after a short consultation


The perfectly harmonising massage which will relax tense muscles and imbue your body with renewed energy and vitality


The Tibetain massage helps restore the energies and achive harmony and equilibrium between your body and spirit


A massage that promotes the circulation of energy flows into infinity…

Seated massage

An ergonomic chair particularly well suited for this massage which will ease and relax your body


It allows the body to promote its natural capacity of self-regulation, or, more simply, to digest stress

Specifics treatments : massaging of the face to encourage lifting and lymphatic massages for the body

Gentle facial treatment

A facial massage including the thoracic area and head which brings tangible results to the stucture of the facial tissus and muscles.This massage will improve the general tone of the area and leaves one with a sens of wellbeing. The facial contours will be redifined and will be left with a perennial lifting effect.
After gentle cleansing of the skin, this relaxing massage will stimulate circulation of body fluids, will retone and smooth your skin while also gently massaging your muscles.
This gentle ritual will brighten your skin using full biologically based products

Duration 1h 30

Draining massage

A draining massage that will support your wish to resculpt your body.
In addition you will benefit by a sculpting of your body to renew the circulation of bodily fluids.
This technique serves to stimulate the lymphatic circulation, assists to detoxification, all while building up your immunitiy system.It can calm inflammation, gets rid of cellulite, water retention and swelling.

This massage affords total relaxation

Duration 1h00

We will take the time to discuss your specific needs.The massage will then begin using biologically natural vegetable oils.

We are fully equiped to make you comfortable whatever your body shape or size.The temperature will be adapted according to your wishes.
Duration of the massage 1 hour or 1 hour 30 mn

Add 15 mn for the pre-massage discussion

65 € Session 1 h and facial treatment 1 heure
80 € Session 1h30
80 € Facial treatment 1h30 230 € Series of 3 facial treatments 1h30

65 € Draining massage 1h 310 € Series of 5 draining massages

At other places : + 15€

After having studed widely and informing myself of all aspects of the various massages techniques, I have put my knoledge to practise and I am now fully equiped and ready to be of service of your welbeeing

Sophie Petricoul

Diploma Renato Papalardo Formation Accreditation from the French Fédération of Massage Bien-Être Traditionnal Ayurvedic massages Diploma Ayurananda Center India Diplôma in sports science Accredited by the Minister of Jeunesse et Sports in France

My massage and sport science studio is in

Vers Pont du Gard (30210)

a five minute walk from the village center not far from Uzès. Ask if you may need another place.

Bookings essential :

06 14 41 12 15

Parking in front of the premises.

​Upon arrival for your session I will take the time to discuss your particular needs and preferences.

​Payment by cash or Credit card (visa or Mastercard)

Upon booking your appointment the exact adress will be given to you